Extremely competent in real estate transactions

Al has represented us on numerous real estate deals both buying and selling. He has shown right from the start that he is extremely competent in real estate transactions. We loved how he quickly responded to all of our questions as well as his knowledge of the whole process from start to finish. Finally, Al is very well respected in the real estate community and I think that goes a long way when it comes to negotiations.

Immensely Appreciated

It is my immense pleasure to recommend Mr. Alam Sethi as a realtor of Coldwell Banker Preferred Real Estate for any individual or family looking for the ideal home. I immensely appreciated Alam's professional advice to enable me to purchase the townhouse. He came up with a good deal for me to facilitate the townhouse purchase. I recommend Alam Sethi to anyone looking to buy or sell a home.

Kind regards
Alexander Ogebule